Recording Week

Hello all,

At the beginning of this week, The Wychbury Cartel travelled to a tiny village called Wormleighton in Warwickshire to record two singles.

As we drove in, we were instantly struck by the old English buildings, the beautiful architecture that has seen many centuries unfold before them. It was hard to believe that our luck had lasted long enough to lead us to record our 2 singles in such a bewitching area.

As we arrived, we were cautious not to hedge our hopes too high, due to past experience at studios, we didn’t want to expect any kind of luxuries. However as soon as we shaked our producer Tom’s hand we were instantly sold.

It was an honour, to work with someone with as much enthusiasm and love for his job than Tom. he embraced every demand and critisism we threw at him, and I can tell you now, his unbeliveable belief in himself and his skill stands out in the singles.

This all said, the experience the band have had, has brought us closer. There is a whole new belief in us and in the future of the band as well. This is vital to maintain over the coming weeks and months as we try to really spread the word of out existence, and who knows, maybe we’ll go back in a year to record a little more than 2 singles…


The Wychbury Cartel

—- Click the picture to watch a video of our time there —-

Stone beauty captures every mind.

Stone beauty captures every mind.


The Reason Behind The Cartel

There is a beauty in the concept of freedom. Man has spent centuries trying to achieve the concept of total freedom. Sadly it’s a goal that can not be achieved. Freedom without leadership is fruitless and freedom with leadership is not freedom.
This all said, our only goal in The Wychbury Cartel is to be free to creatively express ourselves without the danger of being dictated by money, business, mainstream and pressure.
Everything we do is done only for ourselves and those who can find enjoyment in what we do. For us, success is self satisfaction, not acceptance among the masses.
We hope you can empathise with us, and work with us to achieve our goal of a successful, creative and self led journey through the trials and joys of art.
The Wychbury Cartel